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How to impress a girl” is that you are looking for?
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How to impress a girl” is a blog where we give you the best tips and advices from beginning to end.We are here to give you best solutions for everything when it comes to love relationship.

So “how to impress a girl”. I can understand that many guys find it difficult to impress a girl or may be proposing a girl because they actually don’t  no know the basics or some don’t know how to initiate.

But I say,

Impressing a girl is easy………

How to impress a girl

First thing that I want you to do is ,make a believe that Impressing a girl is easy.I know you are curious to know how it is easy.Well I will tell you “how” with my do’s and don’ts  list .

Here I will tell you the things which will help you to impress a girl and the things that you should avoid while impressing a girl.

How to impress a girl – Do’s tips

I have divided the do’s tips into two categories that are Basics and Homework.In basics I will tell you those things that are in your control ,that you can work on yourself and in homework category I have mentioned the things that are to be done before impressing any girl.


How to impress a girl – Tip 1
Confidence-present,eye contact, talk, stand , sit

It is the foremost thing that you should have .You should be confident when you are making an attempt to impress a girl.Girls like confident guys and are more attracted to them.So be confident at your every step.

Present – You should be confident to present yourself in front of a girl.
How – When you first meet her ,always remember two things a confident smile and say “hi” with introducing yourself  by initiating a confident hand shake.

Eye Contact- You should have a good eye contact with her when you are talking or listening.
How – When you are taking to her don’t move your eyes here and there instead maintain a nice eye contact with her.

Talk- Whatever you say , say it confidently ,don’t be nervous while taking.
How – Don’t be nervous or think that what she will think, remove this from your mind.

Stand – When you are standing with her , your body language should look confident.
How – Stand straight and don’t move to much.

Sitting – Sit confidently giving a bit space between both of you.
How – Don’t sit dull and take a place where you can comfortably have a eye contact with her.

How to impress a girl – Tip 2
Looks – dressing , styling , cleanliness

You should work a bit on your looks. By looks I don’t mean that you have to be very handsome. You have to remember just few things.

Dressing – Try to be casual and comfortable .Don’t over do in dressing.

Styling – A bit work in styling your self with a good watch , don’t use too much of accessories and don’t forget to give nice hairstyle.

Cleanliness – Be clean look clean this is what I can say.Use some deodorant with attracting smell.

How to impress a girl – Tip 3
Behavior- fun & interesting, caring, etiquette , well mannered

Behavior is very important ,how you behave that matters.

Fun & interesting – Have fun and jokes while taking to keep her smiling.Be interesting not boring.

Etiquette – You should know basic etiquette.Always welcome the girl with ladies first.When you are on date give her a honor to start with.

Caring – Should show some caring for her.

Well mannered – You should not forget your manners . Girls like guys who are well mannered.

How to impress a girl – Tip 4
Skillful  – Talent , knowledge , humor

Girls are more impressed by the guys who have some skills to impress.By skill I mean any talent that you have , or you are having good knowledge of everything or you having good humor.

These are additional thing I know nobody can prepare for this overnight but I mentioned for you that if you are good in any of this, you have a good chance to impress a girl.

How to impress a girl – Tip 5
Offer -Date , gifts , Surprises

There is no girl on this planet who don’t like gifts ,date and surprises. I am not saying that if you can take her to a date  ,giving her gifts and surprises then only you can impress ,no not at all .

It is just a bit advantage to you if you can do. I can totally understand that some guys cant spend much on this.

But it is just a myth and a very unrealistic reason that you have in your mind.For dating , gifting and surprises you don’t have to spend huge bugs, you only need to use your mind and my tips that I have mentioned below.

Date doesn’t means that you have to take her to a 5-star hotel or to some expensive restaurant no  not at all .There are many ways you can use.
Take her to a long bike ride or long drive ,take her to place where you can spend a good time with each other.

Take her to movie so that after watching movie together you will have some common topic to discuss.

Gift are never rich by money ,gift are rich by the way it is present with love. So never think that if you cant buy a expensive gift you cant impress any girl.

Chocolate ,roses and cards are best medium and girl can never refuse any of these if presented in a correct way.

How to impress a girl – Tip 6
Compliment – looks , nature , dressing

Wow… This is the best thing you can do to impress a girl and the good part is that you don’t have to pay for it.

Just give her a good compliment on her looks,give her a compliment about her nature. Girls are very possessive about their wearing ,their cloths ,their dressing .So never forget to give her a compliment on her dressing style.


How to impress a girl – Tip 7
Full details of girl

Before you go into the process you should have maximum details about the girl whom you want to impress. By details I mean to say you should be knowing about her on every aspect ,what does she likes ,what she don’t like ,her hobbies, her taste , her interest , family and friends etc.

I am focusing about knowing her first is because it will do your 50 percent of the work. When you know about the things which I have mentioned then you know what exactly you have to do.

How to impress a girl – Tip 8

Always initiate by yourself on everything starting from introducing yourself to asking her for date to asking about her etc. But everything should done at proper time.

How to impress a girl – Tip 9
First impression

“First impression is the last impression” you must have heard this a lot many times. Forget about date ,gifts etc.. The first thing first ,so give the first impression very well and with a ease.So best prepare your self for the first meet you will have.

What you should avoid……

How to impress a girl – Tip 10
Being fake

Be yourself from the beginning ,don’t try to be fake or try to look some other person.

How to impress a girl – Tip 11

Don’t overdo –

The things I have mentioned above should not be done  excessively. Suppose I have mentioned that to compliment her ,it doesn’t mean that you compliment her every now and then. If do it repeatedly she will be use to it and after that it will be boring and irritating.

The same way for other things don’t over do in any of thing as it will irritate her.

How to impress a girl – Tip 12

I know you would be preparing a bit to impress her before you actually go into the ground as according to my tips but it should not look that you are making an effort .

Try to be cool & casual and do thing effortlessly.

How to impress a girl – Tip 13
Don’t look desperate

I mean you are impressing her you know that but she should not know this ,don’t open your feelings so that she understand  your purpose.

How to impress a girl – Tip 14
Don’t repeat

Some time situations can be that she might reject you for some reasons that are personal to her ,so you have to understand that. Here my advice would be not to make another attempt repeatedly to impress her if she reject you, don’t worry  give it  a time and then again try.


Other advices

-Many of you might be shy or scare to meet directly , so for them my advice would be make use of social networking site for starting approach.
-You can also make use of phones if you are not able to startup with a meet.
-Listen to her don’t try to dominate ,keep the interaction mutual, on equal sides
-Don’t go directly to say “I like you or I love you ”or show your feelings ,take some time go with the flow.


Sum up – Important things to remember
  • Be a gentlemen
  • Confident on your act
  • Pre prepared
  • Approach – fun ,casual , interesting.
  • A well planned date with some gift and surprises
  • First impression is the last impression

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